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Welcome to Studio Fit The Dalles' 10-Minute Fitness program

Join our 3 – 5x per week 10-minute Fitness group and reap the benefits with a minimal time commitment!

10 Minute Fitness FAQ

What is 10-minute fitness?

Our StudioFit program includes 6 weekly classes intended to help our busy members be their best selves and feel their best. These classes are approximately 10-12 minutes long and include a few short burst of high intensity interval training.

Research has revealed that short training sessions that include at least a minute of high intensity exercise are as effective (in a few cases more effective) than longer weight lifting or aerobic programs. Maintained for a period of 10-weeks or more, these short, lively classes, especially when part of a healthful lifestyle regime, help improve cardiovascular fitness as well as neural and psychological well-being.


Is 10-minute fitness right for you?

Starting and maintaining a wellness program isn’t easy – but it works best when we do it together. During challenging times, fitness and self-care can be the ‘luxuries’ that we give up first. Yet maintaining our own ‘feeling good’ isn’t just something we do for ourselves. The benefits radiate out to our loved ones and our community. If you have had a challenge fitting fitness into your schedule, and/or you know your fitness needs a little boost, or finally, you want to do workouts as part of a committed community, 10-minute fitness is for you!


How does it work?

As a member of our 10-minute fitness group, you get access to both new classes that you can take online (and in person when we are back to full studio opening) as well as to our archive of Flow The Dalles recordings that you can do when it suits you. We recommend trying to schedule at least one ‘live’ class each week to get that great feeling of being in community and doing this wellness thing together. Our 10-minute classes all include the high intensity minutes that add up to increased fitness, and use a combination of yoga, barre, urban kick kickboxing, circuit and strength moves to give you a well-rounded program. We hope you’ll add a longer class to your weekly regime – do what you love! – just for the fun of being in class together with our great Flow community.


The research behind 10-minute fitness:

There is a growing body of research that is pointing to the fact that it’s the short bursts of intensity that our bodies and our minds use to further and enhance our fitness, and our happiness – high achievers, that is people who have the happiest and most successful lives (self-defined) have a commitment to cultivating their physical energy levels each day!