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Bring StudioFit Classes to Your Worksite

Our studio has teamed up with companies large and small to offer both in-person and live stream fitness classes and wellness workshops. Corporate fitness + wellness services are custom designed to meet the needs of each company. Tiered pricing and programs are available to accommodate small businesses as well as larger corporations. Please inquire for a complementary consultation.

Our mission is better health for all. Our focus is to support our wider Gorge communities in leading healthy and balanced lifestyles. By incorporating wellness into the workplace, we can provide opportunities to create better and sustainable habits for your employees. Moreover, a corporate fitness + wellness program can offset injury, absenteeism and frequent turnover while improving engagement, working relationships and overall morale. Healthy employees make up a happier and more productive workforce. In result, our communities and local businesses can thrive.

Email us at to set up a complimentary consultation

Our Vision is Your Vision.

What does your company need? We will work with you to understand your vision while identifying any potential health risks (if requested). After your free consultation and intake we will draw up a menu of services that would best benefit your employees and their working environments. Our simple vision is to integrate daily wellness and regular fitness into your work-life that is fun, safe and effective.

We offer 15+ varieties of fitness classes as well as custom wellness workshops that focus on stress management, behavior change, nutrition, herbal medicine and meditation. All of our instructors and personal trainers are certified and insured. Our core team of partners hold decades of experience working in a wide-variety of health industries. Together, we are able to serve our clients in all areas of their wellness. Our versatile team is passionate to work with you to create the best program that aligns with your vision, budget and company goals.

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