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Urban Kick

Are you looking for a fast-paced cardio class to kickstart your energy? UrbanKick is an energetic class that combines kickboxing (kick and punch combos) and HIIT (high intensity interval training). What’s awesome about this class is that it’s built for all bodies and abilities. Kickboxing sequences and HIIT drills all offer modifications.

StudioFit has been offering this kickboxing group fitness class since last summer, when instructor Erin Peters got certified in UrbanKick. Erin has been teaching barre for two years and was ready to try something new. Since starting the program, Erin has loved seeing members feeling strong in both mind and body. “Watching how excited members get when they master a new sequence is the best part! Group fitness classes are a great way to socialize safely right now and get a fun workout in.

VIP Vibe member Jenni Bergemann says, “I feel like I get some aggression out. It's a great workout too. I love that it is high energy and requires some coordination and thinking as you do the sequences. It's fun and makes you feel empowered.”

Carla Webber has just joined StudioFit and has been coming to UrbanKick classes regularly. She says, “What I love about Kickboxing is that it kicks my butt! I feel empowered while gaining strength and it boosts my mood.”

Janohn Clower has also recently joined StudioFit and has been trying out lots of different classes that we offer! She says, “I love kickboxing with Erin. I channel all my frustration and negative energy into each jab, uppercut, and kick. After kickboxing, I feel strong, motivated, and badass.”

In UrbanKick you will develop strength, agility, flexibility, and balance while having a high-energy workout. Let’s enjoy our workout together!

Join instructor Erin Peters Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:15-5:00pm either online or in person (at a safe distance, with masks). Can’t join during this class time? Sign up for the online class and get the recording emailed to you!

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