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What is 10-Minute Fitness?

Research at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada has show something startling: the benefits of short workout bursts can be as good for us as longer aerobic exercise.

Because most of us say 'We don't have the time' when giving reasons for not getting to exercise, this is welcome news.

You can do anything for 10 minutes

The key finding of different McMaster research studies is that short periods or bursts of high intensity training are the main ingredient of improved cardiovascular and 'executive function' aka neural health benefits. The surprise is that we might not need many of these to improve our fitness.

Lead McMaster researcher Martin Gibala has shown through studies that just a few minutes per week of intense exercise produced benefits similar to longer and more continuous workouts.

In this study, 12 weeks was the timeframe the researchers noted as sufficient to experience benefits from the short intense workouts.

At StudioFit we are incorporating at least three of these shorter classes into our weekly regime. Book one of these to give your mornings a boost. You can also book and do the class later - for up to 72 hours - from the recording.

Ten to fifteen minutes is all it takes!

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