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A new era in local fitness begins as Flow The Dalles transitions to... StudioFit TD!

In 2018 Stephanie Adams expanded her well-loved Flow Hood River studio to a second location in The Dalles. Adams reconditioned a storefront at 402 E. 2nd Street making it a beautiful space for wellness through yoga, Barre, and circuit strength fitness training.

By 2020 Stephanie began the process of selling to local entrepreneur Nicole Ryan and yoga teacher April Streeter. Then COVID-19 changed everyone’s plans. With a quick pivot both studios made it through 2020 by offering all classes - even yoga trapeze - online. At the start of 2021, the addition of two additional partners – Hannah C. Mapes and Matt Eby – gave Flow The Dalles an injection of expertise, motivation, and forward motion.

Yes, we mask in studio for safety – and it doesn't stop the flow or the fitness vibe!

The four partners saw that our mission and that of Flow Hood River are now complementary rather than an exact fit. Thus we say goodbye to our sister studio Flow Hood River and embark on a new identity as StudioFit TD! At StudioFit TD our goal is to deepen connection with our members and the wider community by providing safe and healthy movement in a body-positive environment.

As we get comfy with our new identity, StudioFit TD is also highlighting our new 10-minute fitness program. Ten-minute fitness is a fantastic concept backed by a growing stack of research. The gist? We may need less of a time commitment to improve cardiovascular and neural health than we think.

These new energetic and fast-paced classes advance our wellness and leave time to pursue the other areas of a balanced life. Ten-minute-fitness is a welcome addition to the StudioFit TD line up, offering a novel way to stay well that accommodates busy schedules.

Check out our class line up and give 10-minute fitness a try!

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